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Blog Post: All about moving your furniture safely!!!

All about moving your furniture safely!!!

If you are relocating to a new place you may be feeling excited about your new home and ready to start fresh in your new place. Moving is a long process, there is a lot of planning and coordination to do and this can be quite stressful if you have heavy furniture that needs to be moved and especially if you are doing everything alone. If you have a lot of furniture to move, it is ideal to hire packers and movers as they are trained to handle everything from the heavy weight lifting, and loading to doing it cautiously without damaging the furniture.

Even when you hire packers and movers, there may be few things you should do on your own before they arrive. We will help you to move your furniture easily and safely with our safety tips. Read further to know more

Disassemble whatever you can:

Don’t make it harder for yourself by trying to move heavy and large furniture in its entirety, instead disassemble the parts of the furniture or break is down into the tiniest parts you can. This would make things easier for you as well as anyone who will be assisting you on a moving day. The smaller the things, the easier it is to load into moving vehicles.

Carefully store your hardware in a container:

Once the furniture is disassembled, make sure you save all the screws, nuts, bolts, and assembling tools in a separate container. And if you are doing it for the first time, don’t forget to label them so that when you reach your destination, it gets easier to reassemble everything without having to worry about the “bits and pieces”.

Pack everything carefully:

Don’t overlook the importance of packing your furniture. While moving, the parts for furniture can get damaged so, packing in cardboard boxes or even wrapping everything in blankets can ensure that they arrive at the destination safely. If you are moving in wet months, it is advisable to wrap things in plastic wraps or bubble wrap so that they don’t get damaged due to water.

Move everything carefully:

Each piece of furniture requires specific care while carrying and shifting them. You may ask your friends or your moving crew to help you carry heavier items and make sure everything is done slowly and cautiously. Some furniture items may require special moving equipment. Discuss with your packers and movers in Bangalore about your requirements when you hire them so that they can assist you efficiently.

Contact Sri Vinayaka for your special moving needs. Our team is trained to move Luxury and VIP items with care and caution.


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