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Blog Post: How to plan the most effective corporate move?

How to plan the most effective corporate move?

When planning a corporate move, most people think about budget and time management. But to plan a successful relocation of your office, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. 

Here are some suggestions that could help you plan a hassle-free corporate move by increasing your efficiency and reducing shifting time. Read to find out more.

Strategic planning for a corporate move

Unlike domestic relocation or local shifting, corporate relocation needs a lot of planning. The most important thing to remember for the corporate move is to make a plan that allows you to have minimum downtime so that your services are not affected and your customers are not disappointed. Come up with a plan that will allow you to shift in stages while being particular about time-management. 

Communicate with your employees

We cannot emphasize more on this. Your corporate move could affect your employees. Some may have to relocate to a new place, some of them may find ways to travel to the new location, some may choose to leave the job. So giving them a notice way before the actual relocation day will help them make plans accordingly. And trust us when we say, it will make your relocation easier for both your employees and you.

Delegate most of the work

If you have an efficient team of people or your employees you can trust and rely on, delegate most of the work. Closer to the days of shifting, you may actually be busy with the relocation process and having a team that makes sure the operations of your workplace are running smoothly, gives you a sense of confidence and allows you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your corporate move.

Shift in stages

For corporate relocation, you might have to shift large equipment, office furniture and computers. You should be able to start your operations immediately so there should be a working internet connection as soon as your shift. All this may seem to be problematic but if you plan to shift your office space in stages, you can avoid a lot of issues that may prolong your down-time.

Encourage remote working to reduce down-time

This part is pretty much self-explanatory. During the shifting stages, you can ask some of your staff members to work from home so that they will be able to carry out some of the operations, if not everything. Make sure you have a customer care executive who will answer any questions from your clients during downtime.

Be prepared with a contingency plan

Most people plan their corporate move on weekends but no matter how well you plan your move and how strict your schedule is, you may experience some unforeseen circumstances and delays. So make sure you have some contingencies for anything that could go wrong.

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