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Blog Post: Let’s debunk these 3 relocation myths now!

Let’s debunk these 3 relocation myths now!

If you are someone looking to relocate and are going through a lot of companies and services, you may still have some doubts about whether or not to hire Packers and Movers. Even if you chose to hire someone, do you need to get a complete service or only hire the moving company? All of these questions can confuse you.

Before availing any service, you must know about its common misconceptions and facts. We at Sri Vinayaka Packers and Movers hope that this article will shed some light on some of the important aspects of relocation and help you choose a good relocation service provider for your next move.

Myth 1: If you do the packing all by yourself, you will save a lot of money

Most people think that packing their own stuff can reduce the burden on their purse. When everything is packed beforehand, all they have to do is to hire movers..or that’s what people think. 

Fact –  Moving is a long and tiresome process, so is packing. Firstly, you cannot pack everything on your own and may need help. Secondly, it may take more time than you have anticipated. So having a group of people who are trained especially for the job makes things way easier for you. In addition to having to do less work, you will save a lot of money on various types of packing materials and wooden pallets which are usually provided by most Packers and Movers. And they have cardboard boxes with exact dimensions to fit into the moving vehicle.

Myth 2: Unpacking is easier than Packing.

As we mentioned before, packing is a very difficult process. There is a common misconception that unpacking is a lot easier than packing and requires less time. Let’s delve into it.

Fact – Unpacking is as difficult as packing, sometimes even more. Packing involves planning, labels, cardboard boxes and other packing and sealing tapes that ensure the safety of your belongings. When you reach your destination- be it a new house or office, It takes a lot of your valuable time to gradually unpack each item and place it in its designated place. It gets more difficult when dealing with heavy furniture or priceless artefacts as they need extra care while handling. Your packers and movers are trained and better equipped to handle post-move activities like unpacking and re-assembling the furniture. 

Myth 3: You don’t need packers and movers for relocation.

Some people think moving to a new place is easy. Some even take a step further and think they can relocate to a new place in their own car. 

Fact – While we respect your intentions of saving your hard-earned money, you cannot relocate to a new place in your own vehicle, not without many challenges. As we’ve mentioned earlier, packing is not a ‘one-person job’, you need as much help as you can get and it is very time-consuming. Even if you have all the time in the world, loading those heavy boxes onto the moving vehicle can get stressful and physically draining.  

For moving things one needs to have licenses and permits that would allow them to shift things across the cities and the country. When you hire packers and movers, you can rest assured that they will take care of such things. In case you require storage services, they will be equipped with warehouses. Having packers and movers will ensure that your possessions are safe and secure throughout the whole process – You actually save more money on the move when you hire professionals to do the job.

Still not convinced about hiring Packers and Movers? Contact Sri Vinayaka Packers and Movers for more information on affordable solutions during relocation.


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