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Recent Post: Top Reasons to Select a Local Moving Company

Top Reasons to Select a Local Moving Company

Top Reasons to Select a Local Moving Company

Moving to a new house, or a new office can be especially strenuous. Often, you’ll have to worry about a wide variety of things, such as maintenance deposits, renovating the new place, among others, without having to worry about moving boxes and boxes of your stuff from your old premises to new ones. 

This can be tricky in cities such as Bangalore, where traffic can be really unpredictable, especially when you need your possessions to be delivered safely. Local shifting in Bangalore can be one painful task, which is where our relocation services can prove to be extremely useful. Here are all the reasons why you should choose local relocation services in Bangalore. 

#1 Understand the Lay of the land 

Bangalore’s topography presents itself with a vast number of challenges if you’re planning to shift within, to, or from Bangalore. The city is notorious for the huge delays caused in transit because of traffic, not to mention the delays caused due to the construction of new infrastructure. These delays can be further accentuated by the volume of goods in transit, making it even tougher. 

Understanding the nature of traffic, optimal routes, and location can be the key difference maker between a pleasurable and mediocre local shifting in the Bangalore experience. 

#2 On-Site Estimates and Handling Expectations

One of the common troubles people face when choosing relocation services in Bangalore is the difference between the estimate and the final bill. This problem can easily be avoided by choosing local shifting services in Bangalore. We send an expert to understand the probable difficulties faced based on a physical visit and will be able to provide an accurate estimate. 

We’d also understand the type of packaging, and transportation required, making the local shifting in Bangalore a hassle-free experience. Ultimately, this means lesser costs for you, the end consumer.  

#3 Flexible Services

Opting for franchised moving services, or fixed-fee-based moving services may not be the solution that you need for your local shifting needs. While the packages may look attractive, they aren’t tailor-made to suit your needs, and will not be feasible for small-scale relocations. 

Local relocating services in Bangalore can offer you a wide variety of flexible services based on what you require. With flexible offerings for your local shifting needs, and custom pricing capabilities, you can pay just for what you need, and as you need it.

#4 Credibility

This might seem counter-intuitive, but local packers and movers might just be more credible than their national counterparts.  Usually, national packers achieve national presence by handing out franchising rights. While they might have to take care of certain franchise quality rules, the experience and referrals from your friends from other cities, might not be the same as your experience – as you will be handled by a completely different entity, in everything but the name.

Local shifting services such as ours, while offering a major presence across the country, take the quality of our services seriously. You don’t have to take our word for it, as our numbers speak for themselves. With over 16,000 happy customers, 10,000 plus referrals, and almost a million miles traveled, along with a whopping 27 years of experience, Sri Vinayaka Packers might just be what you need. We serve in over 100 locations with manpower of 500+ people and over 1800 vehicles, we’re sure we can help you out with your shifting needs. Let’s get in touch, and see what we can do for you. Happy Shifting!


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