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Blog Post: 7 exclusive tips for choosing the best vehicle transport company

7 exclusive tips for choosing the best vehicle transport company

If you are wondering about safely transporting your vehicles to different cities in India, and are not sure about which transporting agency to approach, these tips can help you choose the best vehicle transport company in India.

Vehicle transportation was earlier done through public transportation like trains and cargo shipments but with the increase in relocation due to education or employment, there is a need for safer and more specific transport services. There are various companies offering vehicle transportation services these days. So, choosing the best vehicle transport company can be challenging if you don’t know what you are looking for. Below are some things you should keep in mind while hiring a vehicle transportation service.

Check if the company is registered and insured.

When you are looking for a service, the first thing you want to be sure of is the credibility of the service provider. Ask for details like the company registration number, see if the company is insured and provides door to door insurance for their services. Also, check if the transportation company is IBA approved. Apart from these, the transportation company should have vehicles and a workforce with permits that would allow them to transport throughout the country.

Check for reviews online.

To be sure that you are choosing the best vehicle transport company, do some research online. Go through their website and social media pages. See what their customers have got to say about the company. If there are any complaints from their existing customers, see what the company is doing to resolve them. You can know a lot about the company’s credibility from their customer feedback and reviews for their services. 

Does the company provide good customer support?

When you interact with someone from the transport company, see whether they are paying attention to your requirements. Their service should be entirely focused on you and what you want as a customer. If they are quick to resolve all your queries and are providing you with good customer support like vehicle pick-up and drop-off from your doorstep and insurance, You don’t have to look elsewhere. The best vehicle transport company is always customer-oriented.

What mode of transport do they use to transport your vehicle?

Irrespective of the type of vehicle you are planning to transport, it is ideal to know the mode of transport they are opting. Depending on the mode of transport, you may have to submit some documents like your vehicle registration certificate to acquire permits. If you are transporting your vehicle overseas, you should get clearance from customs. Some transport companies like  Sri Vinayaka packers have permits to ship all over the country. 

Do they offer storage services? 

Sometimes when you are transporting your vehicle, you may also require storage or warehousing services. It would be an added advantage if you choose a Transportation company that has warehouses all over the country and that offers various other services like relocation and cargo services. Make sure you ask about other services the company offers.

How long does it take?

The most important question here is “how soon can they transport your vehicle?’’. Some companies send out trucks at specific times of the week or month. Make sure you ask your prospective service provider about this for hassle-free vehicle transportation with them.

Ask about the mode of payment.

Before hiring them to move your vehicle, make sure you ask for their preferred mode of payment and PAN details. Along with that, check their GST certificate. Ask them for a detailed estimation or invoice for the services you have requested. It is crucial to avoid any unnecessary hidden costs and the best vehicle transport company is always transparent. Asking these small but important questions will save you a lot of unforeseen expenditure. 

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