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Blog Post: 4 useful eco-friendly tips for your next move

4 useful eco-friendly tips for your next move

With the way things are going, we have to think about how each of our actions is impacting the environment and our ecosystem. If you are someone looking for eco-friendly packing and moving options and tips, Thank you for considering better, sustainable options and this post is for you.

Coming to the packing and moving aspect of it, It is already a hectic process and some of these tips may not for practical for long-distance moves and transportation. So, don’t beat yourself up if you cannot save the world all by yourself. Every small step matters.

TIP 1. Donate or repurpose your old things

Any moving process starts with packing and organizing stuff. First of all, make a list of things that you do not want to take with you to your new home and donate them. If you have any old clothes that you cannot wear or donate, cut them to pieces and you can use them as reusable wipes and rags. The goal is to take only a few with you to reduce unnecessary clutter at your new home. So, discard and donate as much as you can. Asking your kids to help you with this can develop a sense of responsibility and empathy in them.

TIP 2. Use reusable packing materials

This is the main aspect where you can make your move sustainable and environmentally friendly. You can find a lot of stores both online and offline where you can buy or rent reusable boxes. This is a clever choice when you especially are carrying fragile things with you. Alternatively, you can collect or buy cardboard boxes from your local grocery stores so that you can save a lot of money and make reusing a priority. To wrap fragile goods and household items, use clothes and rags. Also, make sure you find a recycling company closer to your new home so that when you arrive and are done with the packing, you can properly dispose of them.

TIP 3. Pack smarter

You can reduce your carbon footprint by a lot by simply packing smarter. Instead of dumping everything into cardboard boxes, you can stack them one inside another so that all your stuff takes up less space and fewer boxes to pack. The fewer the boxer, the smaller the packing truck you need. Simple choices like these make a lot of impact and your lifestyle and the environment around you.

TIP 4. All about sustainable packaging

Usually, packers and movers use plastic to wrap things while shifting. Let’s see what other conventional packing materials you can say ‘no’ to. Use cloths and old newspapers instead of packing materials. For clothes and other unbreakable things, you can use cloth bags or sacks to reduce the usage of plastic boxes. For fragile things like glass, porcelain and others, you can fill up the cardboard boxes with cloths or rags compactly so that they do not more while shifting.

Those were some sustainable tips for your next relocation. If you are looking for more environmentally friendly moving options, choose packers and movers with a moral responsibility like Sri Vinayaka packers and movers. Sri Vinayaka offers a wide range of moving options to make local and long-distance moves easier than ever. Call us at +91 9880011434 for more information.


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