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Blog Post: How to save money while planning your next move?

How to save money while planning your next move?

Saving money on relocation is easier than you think. If you are aware of the entire process of moving, starting from packing and organizing to unpacking at your new place, you can find out various ways to save money. Here are some tips from us on how to save money while planning your next move.

Sell, dispose or donate items that you don’t need anymore.

Getting rid of things that you no longer use or that you over-grew of can be very beneficial if you are looking for a cheaper way to relocate. Especially when you are making a long-distance relocation, it is ideal to get rid of the heavier and cheaper furniture that may get damaged during the move. The goal here is to have as fewer things as possible because it gets easier to shift homes with few things. The easier it is, the less expensive it is going to be for you. 

Use up everything that is left in your pantry and refrigerator.

Weeks before your moving day, make a list of all the perishable food items and make sure you use them all as you get closer to the big day. If there is anything that you cannot use, donate them to your local soup kitchens or shelters. You may not find time to use those perishable food items when you get to your new place and gradually unpack your things. Instead of wasting food, you can use it up and save a lot of money.

Start packing early.

This is the most crucial step while shifting your homes. The earlier you start, the more organized you will be and you can plan ahead. This saves a lot of time and money as you get to make decisions and choose cheaper options for your moving process. Also, some moving companies charge less when you plan way earlier. 

Invest in good quality packing supplies.

If you can find out a place when you can get durable packing supplies like cardboard boxes and plastic wrap. You can save a lot by avoiding damage to your household items. You can alternatively buy used cardboard boxes from your local grocers. This way you can save up a lot. Another option is to hire best packers and movers in Bangalore who include packing supplies in their services. That way you don’t have to worry about disposing of or recycling them.

Use everything you have to pack.

While packing, make sure you use up all the items like clothes, suitcases, containers etc. so that you will require less space and less packing supplies. You may also require fewer packing and moving team this way. Think about a better organization and saving money!

Compare the cost and services of different moving companies.

Some companies focus on earning money and some focus on earring valuable customers. Do a lot of research about the types of services offered by your local movers and packers and make sure you get the best deal out of it. We at Sri Vinayaka packers and movers offer the best quality services at affordable prices in Bangalore and all over India. 

Ask your friends and family to help.

For relocating, you may require a lot of help. Don’t feel shy to ask your family to help you with the process. If all the packing and easy work is done, you don’t need to hire packers. You can complete most part of the work with the help of your friends and family and hire movers to carry heavy furniture and to help you with the relocation

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