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Professional Relocation Services In Bangalore

Best Relocation Services In Bangalore
Relocation Services In Bangalore

Shifting homes was once considered a laborious process. Starting from carefully packing your belongings to the heavy lifting and hiring a transportation vehicle, it was indeed difficult and sometimes the process would have been longer than necessary. With time, relocation services have gotten better and we are proud to say that we are one of the few companies in India that offer comprehensive services for moving and we provide the best relocation services in Bangalore.

At Sri Vinayaka Packers and Movers, we prioritize our customer satisfaction and we operate with international standards. We have a team of packers, movers and customer care executives that makes sure our customers get the best experience with us.

Sri Vinayaka Packers and Movers is a leading company has been providing relocation services across the country for more than 27 years. We started out in 1993 as packers and movers, after which we branched out and gained expertise in other areas like cargo services, vehicle escort services, storage and warehousing services and transportation services.

Not only did we learn from our experiences, but we also consider our customer’s suggestions and this helped us to continue providing the best relocation services in Bangalore and long-distance relocation services anywhere in the country.

How are we different?


We are a registered company with moving, transportation and storage warehouse licenses that are valid across India. We are also approved by IBA, a regulating board for trusted packers and movers. When you approach us to hire us, we provide you with a quotation of all the costs included in the relocation process. We also provide a detailed invoice of all the services you avail from us including taxes. With Vinayaka Packers, you don’t have to worry about extra hidden costs. 

Professional workforce

When we say we are the providers of the best relocation services in Bangalore, we owe it to our packing and moving staff. Our workforce consists of over 500 skilled employees that are trained to handle all those difficult relocation problems. They are quick and efficient at their job. Our customer service executives are always available to answer any questions and resolve any issues within a short time frame.


We always try to accommodate our customer’s requirements and work accordingly. Everything related to your relocation- starting from time and date down to the packing materials is your choice. Our team works all around the year so If you are an employee and can only plan to shift on holidays, we can arrange that as well. We also include storage services and vehicle transportation our services. 


When you plan a big move, the last thing you need on your mind is an unreliable moving company. Some service providers don’t value your time, some even take it a step further and cancel the move suddenly without any prior notice but not us. When we plan a move, we make sure everyone on our team is alert and execute the relocation plan without any delay or cancellations. We offer the best relocation services in Bangalore because we have a huge network of moving vehicles and a great team.

Affordable services

Relocation is indeed a complicated process but it should not put a burden on your wallet. With the vast experience we have gained over years, we learnt how to be efficient without wasting resources and compromising on our standards. We try to create more budget-friendly moves that everyone can afford. 

Relocation Services In Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions about Relocation Services In Bangalore

What does relocation services in Bangalore include?
We are a full-service relocation company with an experienced team of professionals that can manage your move from beginning to end. Whether you are shifting your residences or commercial spaces, we provide the best service in the industry.
Is relocation to another location a hectic process?
Shifting homes used to be a tiresome chore but now it is all about creating a wonderful transition into a new chapter of our customer’s lives. We focus on giving the best experiences to all our clients and their families.
Can you customize your requirements while relocating?
Our relocation team values your specific needs. They know that to provide a great service, they should first listen to your suggestions and understand them. We make sure all your needs are met by the end of the moving process.
Are Relocation services in Bangalore are professionals?

Sri Vinayaka Packers have high standards when it comes to hiring our employees. All our staff is experts in fulfilling their job roles efficiently and effortlessly. We believe that securing the best team will ensure a better experience for our customers.

Does Packers and Movers in Bangalore have license or registrations?
Sri Vinayaka Packers is a licensed and registered company with IBA(Indian Bank’s Association) approval. We provide a proper invoice for every transaction you make to us. We are the most trusted company for relocation services in Bangalore.
Relocation Services In Bangalore is expensive?
We take pride in providing great services at competitive prices. We do not add any extra costs to your budget, all our rates are transparent and we promise to be lighter on your pocket.

Along with relocation services, we also provide storage and warehousing services in Bangalore and all major cities in India. 

Still not convinced that we provide the best relocation services in Bangalore? Feel free to browse through our website and check out what our customers have to say about our services. You can also contact us at +91 9880011434, +91 9243460664 for more information.

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