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Blog Post: 3 essential tips for preparing a floor plan for your packers and movers

3 essential tips for preparing a floor plan for your packers and movers

You may think that preparing a floor plan is something to do with choosing the best house or flat, but having a proper floor plan can help you avoid a lot of problems on a moving day. Preparing a floor plan can help you pack smartly depending on which your unpacking strategy will work out. It can help to guide your packers and movers team to properly organize things once you reach your destination.

Here are some tips to help you understand the importance and execution of preparing a floor plan:

Measurements are important

When you start envisioning your new place like home, take measurements of the doors, shelves, spaces on one of your visits, so that you can come up with the perfect floor plan for your packers and movers. Use these measurements to find a place for all your household items, furniture and appliances.  The measurements of doors can help you with a moving strategy.

Ideally, note where the electrical outlets and switchboards are located so that you can plan on placing your appliances beforehand. This can also help you get rid of any unnecessary or unwanted items so that you can have a clutter-free home.

Plan ahead for the furniture you want to take with you

Take a print out of your floor plan and mark the location where each of your furniture and appliances will fit. This can help your packers and movers to identify and properly arrange everything without much help from you. Furniture is the most difficult part of a relocation and with that handled by trained professionals, you can rest assured that everything is in place while you take care of other important aspects of a relocation day.

You can easily plan everything using your floor plan

Furniture may the difficult part but its the quickest. So, once you have decided about the furniture, prepare a plan for yourself that will help you easily unpack and organize and plan your packing accordingly. Start with locating electronic appliances closer to switches, find a place for all your indoor plants, locate where your carpets and curtains go etc.

With this level of planning ahead, we assure you that your relocation is going to be a very pleasant one. You can always thank us later!

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