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Blog Post: 5 Things to do after an office relocation

5 Things to do after an office relocation

Relocating offices can be a tough job. Be it a small office or a big one, detailed planning and preparation are crucial to tackling this major change. The initial days after the move are equally important to successfully complete the move and to help your staff adjust to the new office.

Bills and Damages

Take a walk through your old office and look at all the walls, switchboards and the general condition of the rest of the office. Take notes and photographs of any damages that may have been caused by you while using the office. Also, take the electricity metre reading of your old office and the new one to pay any pending bills. This will ensure that you take care of the damages before handing it over and only pay according to your usage. 

Unpack immediately

Unlike household relocation, office relocation means you have to unpack and organise as quickly as you get there. This will ensure a smooth transition and reduce the downtime of your business. Also, make sure you return the packing materials and cardboard boxes to your packers and movers as soon as possible. This helps you keep the place organized quickly.

Create a check-list

Make an inventory checklist and check it off as you organize them. The two advantages of a checklist are to make sure everything is moved correctly and everything is in its place. If anything from your list is damaged, you can write it there and check on it once you are done with the rest of the work. If there is anything damaged, don’t delay to claim the insurance. Make it your priority.

Help your staff

Office relocation can be hard on your staff. Some of them would have gotten used to their previous workspace and may find it hard to adjust. Some may have to travel longer distances than before, to reach the new office. 

Be understanding about the effect of transition on all your employees. Help them by telling them where to find everything and give them a list of Do’s and Dont’s that would help them navigate their life at a new office. 

Being transparent about the move and asking your employees to help you during the transition can help them feel included in the office relocation. Also, take the load off their work until they get used to the new environment. 

Emergency protocols

Share the emergency protocol of your new building with your staff. Let them know where all the exits are, where they can find a fire extinguisher and etc for emergencies. This is crucial because they can help each other to safety during an emergency.

All these steps can ensure an easier transition for you, your employees and your customers. For more details about making a successful office relocation, contact Sri Vinayaka Packers and movers at +91 9880011434


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