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Blog Post: How to plan your relocation with the elderly?

How to plan your relocation with the elderly?

Relocation can be a difficult process, especially with elderly people in your home. It can be mentally and physically challenging for older people. This post will help you deal with the stress of relocation all while assisting your elderly relatives to transition into your new home. 

Start with planning and communicating

When you choose to relocate, make them part of your decision-making process. Talk to them about what they are expecting from their new home environment and what can be challenging to them when you have to move.

The more you understand their opinion about the move, the better you can help them during the process. Make sure you mentally prepare them for the inevitability of the move.

Make them feel comfortable

Elderly people dread to relocate as they get used to a routine and are usually not that flexible in terms of accepting change. Ask them to help you understand their routine so that you can find similar resources like a suitable doctor, a park for recreation and some friendly neighbours to talk to around your new home. 

Also, be patient when they struggle to accommodate in their new home. They tend to do it slower than their young counterparts.

Packing their belongings

As they got older they may have collected few things of sentimental value. Help them pack those things and if you cannot take everything with you, do encourage them to donate anything that doesn’t hold any sentimental value. Alternatively, you can help them find a storage unit where they can store all those valuables until the move is done.

During the big day

You cannot expect them to wait until everything is packed and loaded into the van. The noises and smells can be too much for an elderly person. And It can get quite confusing after a while, The best option is to move the elderly before and ask a friend or family member to look after them until the move is complete. 

Alternatively, you can ask them to stay with a friend or a relative until everything is shifted and settled. 

Reassure them about their belongings

They have a hard time breaking their routine and they may feel distressed if they don’t find their belongings right away. Help them find them and assure them that everything will be in place once the unpacking is finished. Remember it takes more patience than usual and be prepared for it.

Take them around the new home

Once everything is organised, plan a fun ‘home tour along with your family and make the elderly a big part of it. Some of them may need help with “where to find what”. Explain to them clearly how things are different in this new place and how to use electronics like Air-conditioners and kitchen appliances. Guide them until they don’t need your help anymore. Take help from your kids and spouse to help them adjust to their new home.

Some elderly people find it difficult to sleep and confusing to wake up in a new place. Talk to their doctor beforehand and come up with a solution for this together.

These simple things can help them feel included and valued. Remember a happy person makes a happy home!

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