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Blog Post: 4 simple steps to make your fine art relocation a success

4 simple steps to make your fine art relocation a success

Art and art inventory needs special care while relocation. Especially during the transportation part of it. Understanding the significance of each piece and the right way to handle it, is very important for packers and movers dealing with the fine art relocation. People pay large sums to transport fine art paintings and sculptures. The goal is to ensure that the customers receive their art pieces without any damages. 

To successfully achieve such a hassle-free fine art relocation, the packers and movers should be well-versed in carefully packing and handling various types of fine art pieces. These are the steps involved in the relocation of fine arts. 

Steps involved in fine art relocation

1. Planning

Planning is an integral part of a successful art relocation. Fine art relocation is not an easy task so planning is even more important. Planning involves everything from finding the right packers and movers to and giving them instructions that would help them handle the artwork properly to making an inventory of the pieces that need to be moved. Ask your packers and movers to assign a supervisor to look over the work and work with them to make it easier for both of you.

2. Permits

Art relocation requires certain permits. Especially when you are shipping it overseas or out of the state. Make sure your packers and movers have all the necessary permits to make this relocation. Also, make it a priority to get all the artwork insured before the move. Your packers and movers should help you with this.

3. Packing

This is a crucial step in the entire process of packing and moving. Depending on the type of artwork, you can use various materials for packing. Use sturdy cardboard boxes or wooden boxes to place them. Packing peanuts or beans keep the art pieces from moving during the move. Also, choose cushions or thick wrapping paper or bubble wrap to wrap around the artwork before placing them in the boxes. Well trained packers would know how to individually pack for your fine art relocation.

4. Storage

Sometimes, you may need a temporary storage facility before you can relocate to a new place. Or any unforeseen delay may happen that would require you to find a storage facility. Also, priceless artwork cannot be transported with the rest of your belongings, so make sure your packers and movers can keep them for safekeeping in their storage facility. 

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