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Blog Post: Remember these tips when planning office relocation

Remember these tips when planning office relocation

Office relocation can be very exciting and hectic task. A move would most often mean expansion, In which case we wish you a refreshing new environment to work in. However, It can be an exhausting task. Below are some tips that can help you with a successful office relocation

Planning and having realistic goals :

Relocating a workspace is a strenuous process. A lot of planning ahead could make it easy for you and your employees to transition into a new place. Moving a large workspace could take up to 5 months of planning and shifting a smaller office could need a minimum of 3 months of planning.

Make a checklist of all the heavy furniture you need shifting, store any sensitive documents carefully, and make a list of all the utilities you would need in your new office and arrange them before moving in. Have realistic goals about the shifting process, If you can’t afford to stop your company’s operations even for one day, plan to move on a public holiday or during the night. You can ask some of your employees to work from home and look over minor details while you worry about the move.

Hire good Packers and movers with expertise in Office relocation :

There is a huge difference between shifting homes and shifting offices. If your Packers and movers are not specially trained for relocation Services In Bangalore, it would cause you more unnecessary stress. They should be able to deal with heavy furniture, computers/machinery, shifting servers etc.. Always communicate with your packing crew about your plan before hiring them.

If you are planning to relocate interstate, there are more things to consider, like getting permissions, vehicle escort, and warehousing services as it could take more than a day to relocate over a long distance. Make sure your packers and movers are well established with storage facilities and are licensed with a permit to move all over the country.

Communicate and Delegate :

Office relocation can be a huge deal for all of your employees. Some of them may not be willing to relocate to a new place or may have financial constraints to travel long distances every day. Arrange a meeting with all your employees and discuss openly about the impending move and how it could affect them. Be open to their suggestions and assign them roles and responsibilities concerning relocation. Include them in your plans and always try to be considerate of their situation.

Your shifting process can be stress-free if you communicate with your employees and Your packers and movers about your expectations. Take all the necessary help from them.

Sri Vinayaka Packers has a skilled team with industry experience over 25 years. We strive to make corporate moves easier and efficient every day.


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