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Blog Post: 5 Common Moving Mistakes and ways to evade them

5 Common Moving Mistakes and ways to evade them

Relocating to a new place takes a lot of your time, money, and effort. You can plan everything thoroughly and still be frustrated on the big day if you make these common mistakes. We Sri Vinayaka best packers and Movers in Bangalore we will guide you here about the top 5 common moving mistakes you can avoid:

Common Moving Mistakes
5 Common Moving Mistakes And Ways To Evade Them 2

Top 5 Common Moving Mistakes

Not using a checklist:

The key to an effective move is planning and scheduling. If you are a bad organizer, all the planning and scheduling could go waste, so make sure you make a checklist of the list of things that need to be done before, after, and on the day of the move.

  • Packing and labeling checklist
  • Utilities to arrange in your new place
  • Parking strategy for loading and unloading your belongings
  • Door measurements to make shifting feasible
  • Things to give away or purchase

Having a prioritized checklist would make it easier for you and would help you steer clear of any last-minute stress.

Not packing until the moving day

This is a very common moving mistake that can ruin your entire moving experience as it gets very overwhelming to do everything at once. No amount of planning and strategy can pull you out of this situation at the last minute. We know packing is boring, it is exhausting but what may seem like a small chore weeks before the moving day can be very stressful once you get to that point. Trust us, it’s so much better to do it before and relax on the moving day than postponing it the entire time only to run in circles..quite literally.

Not hiring good Packers and movers

At some point in our life, we all think we don’t need any help. Moving day is not that time. Hire a good crew of packers and movers that are reliable and caring. Take as much help as you need from family and friends. Moving day should be fun and memorable, not boring and stressful. A good team of friends could make this day enjoyable for you and your family, Just don’t forget to treat them with some delicious meals post shifting as the “Moving etiquette” suggests.

Not taking Moving Insurance

We know expecting the best outcomes in bad situations can be a positive trait but not having your possessions insured, especially during a long-distance move can be daunting at the last minute. We promise to take care of your belongings with the utmost caution but there could be a possibility of any natural calamities. Insurance is the safest bet. So always choose your move with a company that is certified and make sure that all your effects are insured.

Not communicating well

Communication is very important wherever a team is involved. Planning an easy move requires communicating your vision with your family, Packers and movers, Friends, and neighbors.

We hope you avoid such mistakes while planning your move. We wish you and your family an enjoyable moving experience with Sri Vinayaka Packers and Movers.


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