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Blog Post: Fool-proof ways to make your next move hassle-free!!

Fool-proof ways to make your next move hassle-free!!

We all know moving can be a very stressful process. All the plans we make for months leading up to the moving day should come together like a well-orchestrated symphony otherwise it can get complicated. We are Best packers and movers in Bangalore will tell you Important but easy ways to make it a better experience for you and your family.

A month before moving day

You are lucky if you know that you will be moving a month before you actually do. So the first thing you have to do is to let your current House owner know and give them an official notice. This would be beneficial to both of you as he/she would have time to advertise for the next tenet and you could use up any non-refundable advance payment/security deposit you have made, as most owners in India ask for an advance payment.

Find Good Packers and Movers and communicate your requirements.

Now it’s time to buy some sturdy boxes and bubble wrap.

  • Don’t forget to Make labels, This will make it easier for you at the other end.
  • Carefully wrap fragile, easily damageable items in a bubble wrap.
  • Use fillers like rolled-up newspapers in between the stuff and in the box so that they don’t move as much during the journey.

A week before moving day

  • Stop buying groceries and use up any perishables that are already in the home. Fewer things to carry all the way and fewer things to get messy.
  • Store sensitive items and valuable jewelry in a metal safe and any personal documents in plastic folders, away from unforetold water damage during the move.
  • Finish packing everything by the day before moving and don’t forget to label everything.

On the moving day

Your packers and movers will definitely do all the work for you but if you could complete transferring everything into boxes the day before moving day, You should be confident that everything is going to go according to the plan as you wouldn’t be working against time. They will do everything else like heavy lifting, dissembling furniture and wrapping them, un-mounting any electronic appliances, and etcetera.

If you have younger kids, ask someone to babysit them until all the packing is done. Older kids can help you with the process. Moving to a new place can be hard on children so
If you don’t prepare them well enough, they could feel easily vexed. Try to include them during packing and encourage them to be organized, suggest labeling and coloring the boxes with their belongings in. Try to have fun with them and treat them with healthy snacks to keep their spirits up.

We hope you have a stress-free moving day with Sri Vinayaka Packers and movers.


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