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Blog Post: Tips to Safely Shift Homes During Covid 19 in 2020

Tips to Safely Shift Homes During Covid 19 in 2020

Are you not sure about how to Safely Shift Homes During Covid 19 ? Stay tuned, because we are unveiling some tips and tricks to help you Safely Shift Homes in 2020.

The Indian government has now resumed all the normal services and activities nationwide from the month of June 2020. Businesses are slowly trying to restart their manufacturing, retailing, buying, selling, and other logistical activities, your household goods and valuables.

Similarly, people who wanted to relocate to a new place within Bangalore have renewed their search for reliable packers and movers in Bangalore for local shifting. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, is it advisable to relocate now? As a health-conscious person, you may wish for a safe and secure relocation that ends on a positive note minus any health scare.

In this sober global situation, authentic mover and packer companies in India are proceeding very cautiously. They are not taking any untoward risks while ensuring a safe moving experience for their customers.

Tips & Tricks to Safely Shift Homes During Covid 19 in 2020:

  • Wear masks at all Times : When you are shifting or relocating with the help of professional packers and movers, it is essential to follow government rules and wear protective masks at all times. You should attempt to follow the social distancing protocol even while you are packing things with others. If possible you should wear N 95 masks or similar safety coverings.
  • Wearing Gloves : COVID19 mainly spreads through hands. Therefore, you need to wear gloves when you are supervising or even assisting in the packing process. You should make sure that the professional packers and movers team are also wearing gloves and following all safety measures.
  • Use Hand Sanitizers: It doesn’t matter if you have hired professional movers and packers team for your shifting or doing it on your own, using an alcohol-based sanitizer is a necessity disinfectant to keep yourself virus-free. The moving company staff should also use hand sanitizers to reduce the risk of novel coronavirus spread.
  • Pack Tightly: The goods and furniture items should be packed in a secure tight manner to avoid spillage. The boxes should be disinfected to reduce the virus risk. When the things are tightly packed, there is less scope of the stuff getting contaminated due to outside contact.
  • Sanitization Protocol: Hire dedicated and responsible packers and movers in Bangalore for local shifting who realise the gravity of the situation. They must follow all sanitization safety measures and chalk out a strict procedure for packing and transportation of your goods.

You can rely on Sri Vinayaka Packers and Movers for all your local packing and moving needs. They are the perfect one-stop solution if you are looking to Safely Shift Homes During Covid 19 . Leave it to the expert packers and movers to provide you superior services with 100% surety of health safety plus protection of your household goods and valuables


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