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Blog Post: 6 Essential tips for a Long Distance Relocation

6 Essential tips for a Long Distance Relocation

If you are planning to move across the country, you could be feeling nervous about the process. Although long-distance relocation certainly takes a lot of planning ahead and lots of effort, we have some tips that could help you plan your next Long Distance Relocation without any worry. These tips will help you and your family have a smoother transition to your new place.

6 Essential tips for a Long Distance Relocation

1. Planning

This is the most important aspect of any successful relocation process, especially a Long Distance Relocation. You need to be well organized in Packing and Labeling your belongings so that they will reach the destination damage-free. You could talk to your Packers and movers to communicate your suggestions about the move and collaborate with then to have a relaxed long-distance move.

2. Downsize

Moving all your possessions to your new place can be overwhelming and can add to the stress of the impending move. It can also increase your moving expenses. Rather than carrying everything with you, make a list of the items you don’t use anymore or that your kids out-grew. You can either donate these things to a reputed charity, give them away to your friends or sell them online.

3. Make travel arrangements in advance

When you are planning interstate relocation, don’t avoid making reservations till the last minute. Whether it is Hotel reservations, flight ticket bookings, or hiring packers and movers, always complete these arrangements at least prior a month. Also, hiring Packers and movers in advance can help you plan your packing strategy according to their services. Some Packers and movers companies like Sri Vinayaka, offer vehicle escort services.

4. Research

While looking for Packers and movers, always do a lot of research to find a company that understands all your requirements. Your packers and movers should be reliable and offer services at reasonable prices. When you hire them, ask for their registration proof, License for their services, and if the company has IBA approval. Don’t forget to get your move insured, This step takes a lot of burden off your shoulders.

5. Lists and Labels

Make a list of all the belongings you are moving to your new home. Label the boxes neatly and make a list of the condition you have packed each of your possessions in. This helps you to unbox them accordingly. If your relocation is insured, you can be compensated for any damages that may have occurred on the way.

6. Keep your most valuable possessions with you

On the day of the move, it is better to keep a container of your most valued things with you rather than in the moving vehicle. This may include any documents, Jewellery, fragile things that could get damaged or worse lost. Also prepare a bag of all the essential personal items like toothbrushes, hair combs, and toiletries which you may have to use during or immediately after your move.

Sri Vinayaka Packers hopes that these tips will help you plan a successful long-distance move. Contact us for more information at +91 9880011434, +91 9243460664


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