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Blog Post: 5 tips for refurbishing furniture for relocation at your new place!

5 tips for refurbishing furniture for relocation at your new place!

Relocating is indeed expensive if you have huge furniture or loads of luggage. There are several ways to trim it out and we have discussed them in our earlier blog posts. This particular post is for your furniture. Say, you found out packers and movers from Bangalore to Chennai, the price of relocating your entire furniture is going to be expensive. Then what if you refurbish them? 

Find out the material of the furniture.

Are those teak or pine deck chairs? Are you sure it’s not ash? Have you ever thought about restoring that antique kitchen chair you just purchased, or the vintage ottoman you’ve been longing to revive? Furniture made from the wrong material will not be able to be refurbished properly.

In order to decorate with different materials, paints, stains, and chemicals, you need different processes, chemicals, and paints. Oak furniture does not need to be sealed or conditioned after finishing because it absorbs stain evenly. In contrast, Ash is very porous, so you will need pore fillers to achieve that shiny look. In the same way, you should investigate the materials used in furniture accessories and details. You could, for instance, find out what type of metal those studs in that old armchair are made of if they are looking rusty.

Decide if to replace, refurbish, or neither

Upcycling and refurbishing projects can be handled by amateurs too, but sometimes the effort is not worth it. Because of this, it’s essential to know what’s a good project for you to tackle versus what’s better left alone.

These signs indicate that furniture you’re considering refurbishing is probably a bad idea. If the furniture cannot be used as is, don’t bother repairing it. Refurbishing should not be attempted if there are heavy gouges or burns (blemishes can be sanded down, but not much). If the material from which it is made is affordable and readily available, consider replacing instead of refurbishing if your route involves packers and movers from Bangalore to Hyderabad. Materials, furniture, and furnishings from Sri Vinayaka are still worth considering!

In addition, consider how you want the furniture to turn out when you’re done. A deep clean and stain can drastically change the appearance of some materials, especially older woods. Be prepared for surprises under there, because you never know what’s there! It’s not necessary to go all out when you refurbish a piece of furniture. Some things look better unfinished, or perhaps they have a little character that gives them character. When that is the case, ensure that it is sanitized correctly before bringing it into your house.

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Choose the process that matches your refurbished furniture

Depending on your tastes, you can find refurbished furniture in almost any style. The important thing is to finish refurbishing it in a way that’s appropriate to how you’ll end up using it.

A kitchen chair might not be a good candidate for a soft, dirt-attracting seat if you’re refurbishing it. In the same way, hardwood seats are probably not appropriate for lounge chairs. Refinishing old deck chairs for outdoor use with an oil-based coating rather than lacquer or shellac ensures your work (and the chairs themselves) will last.

Whenever you are planning a furniture refurbishing project, consider the end result. For each specific application, you should research the appropriate methods and processes. 

Clean & Tidy is a must 

It is only by giving refurbished furniture a deep clean that you can give it a new start. Some refurbishment projects involve removing years of use in order to bring them back to life. The furniture you wish to save might have several layers of stains, paint, and blemishes on top – and the first thing you need to do is wipe them all away.

You have to think about the look you want to achieve. To paint or stain wood furniture, you have to clean, dry, sand, strip, and strip it again. Cleaning and removing all paint from metal objects (often using boiling water and gentle scraping) is required before polishing or re-chroming.

Aesthetics & fresh air

There are a lot of methods of refurbishing that use harsh chemicals, such as sealants, primers, stains, that can cause lung problems. If you are working in a closed area, never use chemicals, stains, or paint.

When setting up a workspace, wear protective gear (such as gloves and protective glasses) and choose one of the following two options. Choose a day when it is not too windy to work outside. You can apply as much chemical on the tarp you have in the backyard as possible.

You can also work inside while the windows are open if that isn’t possible. You should place the tarp in a large, open space in your house (or in the garage) and open as many windows as you can. Make sure you have an oscillating fan running outside, where the air cannot harm you.

Confidence, elbow grease, some know-how, and the right stuff are all it takes to get your next refurbished furniture job done right. Sri Vinayaka can take care of all that and more. Whether you’re refurbishing a piece of furniture or tools, you’ll find refurbishing materials, paint, stain, hardware, advice, and a piece of furniture to practice on at either Sri Vinayaka location.


Thus, these are our 5 tips for refurbishing furniture for relocation at your new place! You can follow these simple tips to save on your relocation cost and get a refurbished furniture as well for a lower price. What do you think about these refurbishing tips?


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